How Removable Dentures Work

Whether full or partial dentures, the structure entails a transparent or naturally colored base that is made from a plastic resin. Depending on the severity or condition of the patient’s current dental structure, a basic or detailed explanation on how permanent or removable dentures wareham ma processes will work is necessary going forward. The above-mentioned base gets fitted over the patient’s remaining bone ridge.

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The false teeth projecting from this based have been designed to look and function just like normal teeth. The dentures are being held in place by the suctioning effect created. In order to ensure a close fit, it is necessary that the initial installation is done correctly. The upper denture will be provided with support from the larger surface area provided by the palate. This allows the denture to remain stable.

Initially, the wearing of full or removable dentures does require some getting used to. Also, the dentures still need to become balanced in an area that was previously taken up by the removed teeth. In time, ligaments, muscles and nerves of the mouth will adapt to working in a new set of ways. Dentures will be able to support the facial skeleton, as well as soft tissues, the cheeks and the mouth’s lips.

Removable dentures can be treated as a temporary measure to assist in the transition towards permanent fixtures and the effective use of dentures going forward. This is also necessary to accommodate the muscular readjustments required and the natural shrinkage of the gums. Note that dentures installed immediately after teeth have been removed may not work as effectively as permanent structures once all healing is completed.

Do not despair should the day arrive that you may need to wear dentures. As can be seen, it can be comfortable and natural.