What’s Causing Your Adult Acne?

If you thought acne was over with puberty, guess again. For some lucky ones out there, adult acne is just a part of life- or so you thought.

For individuals in Massachusetts, there are several get rid of acne andover treatments that could help with your adult acne. The only thing you need to know first is, what’s causing your adult acne?

Your beauty products

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is no easy task. For one, the best products are always changing. If you notice your adult acne flare up suddenly, consider the beauty products you are using, especially skin and hair products that could be the root of your acne.


Oh hormones, isn’t it always hormones? Hormones are what caused your acne as a teenager during puberty, and here they are again. Whenever you have acne throughout your life, you can thank your hormones.


It probably isn’t until adulthood, that you can even understand what a stress breakout is, but they’re totally real. Stress changes your hormone levels, and thus commonly causes acne and breakouts.


The problem with several medications is that while they may be used to treat one thing, they often create problems with another part of the body. These are known as side effects, which can often manifest as adult acne.

Family history

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In some cases, you just can’t run away from adult acne. If your family history, especially your parents, had adult acne, it is likely that it will stay with you throughout your life. Fortunately adult acne is nothing compared to acne during puberty, and will lessen with time.

A medical condition

And sometimes, even simple acne can be an indicator of a bigger problem. Some medical conditions can result in unique cases of adult acne. For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome in women causes unexplainable breakouts.